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These products have been carefully chosen and vetted by our AECorner hosts.

About Seni

Seni®, a leading brand of premium adult incontinence products, has been in the US market since 2014.

The Seni mission is to provide high quality products that significantly improve both the lives of people that live with incontinence and the lives of their caregivers. Seni pullups and briefs are fully breathable, super absorbent, and are made of soft materials. Seni products have many benefits that make them a better fit for both users and their caregivers.

The fully breathable construction of the outer layer of Seni® products makes it possible for the vapor to pass through while stopping the liquid. This property minimizes skin irritations and reduces the risk of bedsores.

Seni® super absorbent products allow even people with severe incontinence to sleep uninterrupted through the night.

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